Village of West Salem, Ohio

Incorporated 1865

We have recently subscribed to the Ohio Alerts community to communicate more effectively with the West Salem area residents. I have listed below, the different alerts you can receive, and what each of them mean.  This alert system will only text or e-mail you when an alert has been sent, it can’t call.  You can also unsubscribe at any time.

* Water & Sewer Notifications-  You will receive an alert any time we make changes, or when you can expect changes to occur, for example, if we are going to flush hydrants in a certain area of town.

* Community Events- Any time there is a Community Event Scheduled, you will receive and alert when the event is created, and you will also receive an alert 1 hour prior to the event taking place.

* Police Department Notifications- Anything that the Police Department would like to inform the community on. For example, if they are searching for someone in particular, they can send out an alert to be on the look out for that person.

*Street Department Notifications- anything street related, such as road closures, road work, accidents, etc.

*Emergency Notifications- Anything deemed necessary for the health and safety of the community, for example, boil alerts for certain areas, or weather related emergencies.

*Town & Country Fire District- Anything that the fire department would like to notify you about. Example- during the time change, they may send out an alert to remind you to check your smoke detectors.

To subscribe, just click on the link below.  This is a FREE service to you !

Subscribe Here