Village of West Salem, Ohio

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West Salem Village Income Tax


As per ORD 10-15, all West Salem residents who reside or work within the Village city limits are required to file and pay the West Salem Village 1%income tax each year. The village does not allow a reciprocity credit for other municipality taxes withheld. *As of October 2020, the Village has joined the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) for the collection of the income taxes. Forms and information as well as online filing can be found on their site at*


 To view the Ordinance click the following link:

Village of West Salem Income Tax ORD 10-15.pdf 


Need help filing your West Salem income tax return?  RITA will help!  Click the following link: for the form required for RITA to prepare your taxes for you free of charge. 




The interest rate for tax year 2021 is 6%

The interest rate for tax year 2020 is 7%

The interest rate for tax year 2019 is 7%

The interest rate for tax year 2018 is 6%

The interest rate for tax year 2017 is 6%

The interest rate for tax year 2016 is 5%


**If you have exclusively received Social Security or disability benefits for more than a year, you are NOT required to file the Village income tax, however if you work in addition to receiving Social Security or disability benefits, you ARE required to pay the income tax on the amount received from your job.**



Income Tax Forms

Income Tax Filing Instructions

2018 Individual Final Return

2019 Individual Final Return

2019 Reconciliation Form

2019 Business Income Tax Return

2020 Monthly Withholding Form

2020 Quarterly Withholding Form

2020 Individual Income Tax Return

2020 Net Profit Tax Return


RITA Form 11 - Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding Statement

RITA Form 11A - Adjusted Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding Statement

 RITA Form 17 - Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld and W-2/1099-NEC Transmittal


~ Cinnamon Lake is not within the Village of West Salem's limits. Residents of Cinnamon Lake are not required to file a return ~